10 BAD Skincare Mistakes People are making NOW! (Change ASAP)

10 BAD Skincare Mistakes People are making NOW! (Change ASAP)

With so many skincare suggestions and recommendations out there, it is difficult to decipher what you should be doing in order to have the best and healthiest anti-aging skincare routine possible. Dr. Karam is breaking down the 10 mistakes that he sees people making all the time that are sabotaging their skincare efforts. Whether we are neglecting our skin, inconsistent with our skincare, or just lazy, it all effects our skin health and appearance in the long-run. It is vital that you have a consistent skincare routine that nourishes, hydrates, and protects your skin. When you are consistently using the different active ingredients that Dr. Karam recommends, you will be left with glowing, vibrant, healthy skin both now and in the years to come! A great way to address all your skincare needs in a convenient manner is to use Dr. Karam’s KaramMD Skin Trifecta regimen, a 3-step skincare routine that you can use both morning and night. This regimen includes all the active ingredients that are vital to your skin’s health, all while being in just three simple steps.

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00:00 Skincare Mistakes
00:49 Buying Luxury Moisturizers
02:23 Avoiding Retinol
04:04 Only Using the SPF in Makeup
05:33 Using Laser Treatment as Your Only Skincare
07:24 Being Inconsistent with Skincare
09:54 Over-Exfoliating
12:08 Using Sunscreen Inconsistently
14:26 Using Foaming Cleansers
16:46 Missing Out on Vitamin C
18:53 Misunderstanding Moisturizer

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