6 Months After Accutane & Getting Rid of Acne Scars with Laser Treatment & Subcision

6 Months After Accutane & Getting Rid of Acne Scars with Laser Treatment & Subcision

In this video, I share my journey of battling acne, focusing on my experience with Accutane and the aftermath of dealing with acne scars. After six months since completing my Accutane treatment, my skin has significantly improved, but the scars left behind are a constant reminder of the struggles I faced. These scars have impacted my confidence and self-esteem, leading me to seek treatment for their removal.

Tomorrow, I will begin a series of treatments, including subcision and fractal laser treatment, to address these acne scars. I plan to document this process to provide insight into the treatment journey and its effectiveness. Once my face has fully healed, I will share a before-and-after video to showcase the results of these treatments.

This video is for anyone who has struggled with acne or acne scars, offering a raw and authentic look at the emotional and physical journey of dealing with these skin conditions. Join me as I navigate this next chapter in my quest for clear, healthy skin.

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