Fastest Laser Surgery For Bleeding Hemorrhoids with External Thrombosis in 3Mins by Dr Ashwin Porwal

Fastest Laser Surgery For Bleeding Hemorrhoids with External Thrombosis in 3Mins by Dr Ashwin Porwal

Dr Ashwin Porwal excel’s his current fastest laser surgery recorded on camera on 6 Min 04 Seconds with the new time record of 3 Min 48 Sec making this video the Fastest Laser Surgery recorded for Piles with External thrombosis @ Healing Hands Clinic ( Non – Edited )

You would be looking for getting effective home remedies and ayurvedic treatment to get cured of Hemorrhoids a.k.a Piles at the earliest without having any cuts and stitches at the bottom. The above video is a demonstration of the fastest haemorrhoid procedure conducted to date with an effective and permanent cure.

It is assumed that lifestyle diseases like piles, fissure, fistula etc get cured on their own or can be cured with medications and quacks which is why most of the patients come to us with a grown and evolved disease. Patients try to run away from surgeries for treatment of piles, fistula, fissure, and constipation unaware of the medical procedures available which are easy, effective and painless in nature.

The patient comes in the morning and gets discharged in the evening with immediate and permanent relief. The patient can resume his/her regular routine from the very 3rd day after the procedure.

Check out the timestamps:
0:00 Start
0:19 Step 1 – Holding the base of thrombosis component
0:54 Opening the clot with laser energy
2:01 Identifying & sealing the blood vessel
2:50 Treating the internal haemorrhoids with laser
3:42 Surgery concluded
4:30 End

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