HOW to get YOUNGER looking LIPS when they’re WRINKLY and THIN.

HOW to get YOUNGER looking LIPS when they’re WRINKLY and THIN.

Are you struggling with aging in your mouth and wondering how to make your lips look more youthful? This is a common struggle and a question that Dr. Karam receives frequently, and so today, he is breaking down what causes our lips to age and how to rejuvenate them in the most natural way possible. We’ve all seen the photos of lip procedures gone wrong, which produce an unnatural, duck-ish looking appearance (which most of us are trying to avoid). Just like with the rest of our face, lip aging comes down to your skin, volume loss, and sagging that may be occurring. With collagen loss, our skin begins to thin and have more lines and wrinkles, which oftentimes also leads to elongation of the upper lip. As the upper lip elongates, it tends to fold inward, hiding the red area of your lip. Combine this with overall volume loss from lip fat pads diminishing, the result is lips that no longer look full or youthful. If you are in your 30s or early 40s and struggling with aging in your lips, Dr. Karam suggests getting a little bit of filler to bring a little more volume back into this area, being sure that you don’t get too much and go over the top. If you are in your late 40s or older, Dr. Karam strongly suggests going ahead and getting a lip lift procedure done (in conjunction with a complete facelift in order to maintain facial proportions). Of course, first and foremost, maintaining a good skincare regimen and including sunscreen into your daily routine will always be the best preventive measure you can take in your anti-aging efforts.

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