HyunA's FULL Lips and WIDE Eyes – A Plastic Surgeon's breakdown | Wave Plastic Surgery

HyunA's FULL Lips and WIDE Eyes – A Plastic Surgeon's breakdown | Wave Plastic Surgery

HyunA (金泫雅) , one of Korea’s interesting and sexy pop-stars is back with her new single titled, “I’m not Cool”. She is such an interesting person, confident and great dancer she’s someone that we can all agree is spectacular on camera, but what makes her unique and what makes her beautiful?

If someone were to tell you that you have wide eyes would you see that as a bad thing? Maybe get defensive and give your reasoning behind why they are not? In this video Doctor Peter Lee decides to give an honest breakdown of HyunA’s face and show us why some less desirable features can still look fantastic!

Wide Eyes can be a very good thing when it comes to a person with wider cheek bones. This makes your overall facial proportions look fantastic!

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