Kylie Jenner: Plastic Surgery – The FINAL WORD on Everything She's Done…

Kylie Jenner: Plastic Surgery – The FINAL WORD on Everything She's Done…
Kylie Jenner: Plastic Surgery – The FINAL WORD on Everything She's Done…

I am covering the recent body and face surgeries that Kylie Jenner may have gotten over the quarantine. It has been difficult due to the Kardashian/Jenner family releasing mostly only edited photos, but I pulled together the best source I could find for this video. #Kylie #KylieJenner #LorryHill

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This video is my opinion only and I have no actual hard medical evidence that the celebrity we will be talking about has had any of the plastic surgery procedures that we will talk about today. 
This video is solely for the purpose of making people aware of just how much work goes into the perfect images that celebs have to put forward and not to shame anyone. If you are a super fan of the celebrity we will be analyzing today and can’t stand to hear anything said about them; I encourage you to click out of this video now.

This video will be in depth, so buckle in. We will be starting the journey of Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, starting at the age of 15. Some people think she started later, but I have seen some evidence that 15 is when she may have started. You’ll want to hear my theory as to why some start so young. 

To summarize he video:
A retrospective of her past surgeries, most of which were covered in my first Kylie video. After the retrospective, I will cover what I believe she has done over quarantine. I will start with the analysis of her eyes, there are some obvious changes here. Next is her chin where we discuss what changed or didn’t. Then we go onto her Jaw, her cheeks, and her lower face. Something I noticed was a surgery to her ears, and also her nose. 

The big topic in the middle is Kylie’s filler. Something which on many occasions she denied despite obvious injections. All of that was surrounding the time she was selling her lip kits. Then we go to cover her teeth, and see if she too got the same veneers done by a Dentist, just like her sisters. The family likes to use DR. Kevin Sands, and his prices can go in the $100,000 plus range. CRAZY!

Kylie Jenner’s Body is the next topic covered. We start at her natural body shape and see what changed. Like her sisters we can see some obvious signs of Augmentations or changes in her Breast, Hips, Butt, and waist. You’ll want to make sure you watch this part of the video to see the before and after photos. I discuss in this section, a new technique using PRP Plasma from the patient to then use as fillers. This technique is very expensive but gives quick healing times, and allows for the patient to go back to their normal routine as quickly as the next day. Next we cover a possible BBL, some liposuction, and where it was done. 

Some changes over the year of 2019 through pregnancy and progression of the BBL cause kylie to look like kim kardashian in many ways. The pictures are very telling, you cannot miss it. Her big sister Kim also spilled the beans on some surgeries that Kylie did, post Pregnancy on her tummy, to return to the beach ready body she has, so soon after surgery.  

A little bit about Kylie Jenner: 

She has taken her beauty and status and turned it into a cosmetic empire. She broke shopify selling records with her lip kits and caused the whole website to crash. The event changed how people used E-commerce in the beauty world forever.  Her cosmetic brand has become a large success worldwide and makes her one of the wealthiest women in the world at a very young age. She no doubt is a fierce businesswoman and will continue to grow her wealth and beauty for years to come. She currently has estimated net worths from $500 million, to $1 Billion depending on who you ask. Either way, she is wealthy beyond belief due to her social influence and presence. 

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