Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face

Laser Treatment to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face As we age and with excessive exposure to the sun these dark age spots, sun spots and liver spots just appear. And every single one of those dark spots says “Look at me! I’m Old!” Believe it or not, your skin has the solution. A very gentle laser age spot removal treatment with our unique laser protocols will stimulate your skin to dissolve that dark spot on your face or elsewhere on your skin away and underneath you have virgin, perfect, evenly toned skin.

Covering up dark spots on your skin such as age spots, sun spots and liver spots can be expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. Increased UV exposure during the summer months can make these dark spots even darker. An excess production of melanin is triggered by UV exposure causing these dark spots on the skin.

Laser treatment is the best way to permanently remove these sun damaged dark spots on the skin and face. The laser energy is gently absorbed by the melanin (extra pigment). This stimulates your skins natural “melanin turnover” system. The old melanin is removed and replaced with new evenly toned skin. All dark spots are different so it is important to properly identify what type of spot it is and customize the laser treatment accordingly to get rid of the dark spots on the skin and face.

With laser dark spot removal, hyper-pigmentation such as age spots and sun spots will start to show results days after the first laser treatment. Typically 1 to 3 laser age spot removal treatments are sufficient for darker hyper-pigmentation and more well defined dark spots. 3 to 7 days following laser treatment the age spots will simply flake off leaving beautiful spot free skin underneath.

We are able to customize each laser dark spot removal treatment to specifically match your skin type utilizing our selection of 25 different lasers. Skin discolorations such as age spots, sun spots and liver spots due to factors such as sun-damage begin to show results within a few days after the first laser treatment. 1-3 laser treatments are typically needed to get rid of darker, more defined spots, where the pigment is closer to the surface of the skin. The spots will flake off in about a week leaving clear new skin behind. 3-6 laser treatments are typically needed for deeper and irregular melanin coloration.

All hyper-pigmented discolorations on the skin and face from melasma, to birthmarks, to age spots can be removed with our array of 25 different types of lasers. In each case, depending on the depth, density and type of hyper-pigmentation you have, our unique laser age spot removal protocols interact and support your body’s natural processes that regulate melanin content and turnover to get rid of dark spots. Our science and you physiology work together in a synergistic partnership to achieve the best possible age spot removal results.

Preventing these dark spots from returning is not only about protecting your skin with a good sunscreen, it’s also about taking some extra preventative measures on the inside.

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