Plastic Surgery Doesn't Make Me A 'Bad Mom' | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Plastic Surgery Doesn't Make Me A 'Bad Mom' | HOOKED ON THE LOOK


JEN from New York loves her ‘hot mom’ aesthetic, but she gets judged by other parents for dressing and acting inappropriately as a mom. Jen, 31, lives with her fiancé, Stephen, 43, and their three kids from previous relationships. The 31-year-old has also been called a ‘gold-digger’ for being with a man 12 years her senior; she loves plastic surgery and looking hot, and Stephen is happy to fund this lifestyle. Her kids love her look as it makes them more popular at school but has put a strain on relationships with other family members. The mom – and stepmom – has also dabbled in OnlyFans, but she pulled away when fans began demanding too much…

Videographer: Marcus Cooper
Producers: Yasmin Walker, Nathalie Bonney, Milly Martin, Kim Nguyen
Editor: Hailey Wang

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