Save Face: Non-Surgical Solutions From a Plastic Surgeon | Dr. Rob Whitfield | 1132 | Dave Asprey

Save Face: Non-Surgical Solutions From a Plastic Surgeon | Dr. Rob Whitfield | 1132 | Dave Asprey

Today’s show is a masterclass in improving your skin without going under the knife. I’m excited to welcome back Dr. Rob Whitfield, an Austin-based plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implant removal surgeries and advanced cosmetic procedures. He invented the famous “No-Cut” Facelift, which revolutionized non-surgical facelifts for a more natural appearance.

I worked with Rob on a “No-Cut” Facelift, and he removed excess skin from my back after my weight loss. I got to be the guinea pig, and now I’m sharing everything I learned with you. On today’s episode, I recount my experience and results with these procedures. Dr. Rob explains what a “No-Cut” Facelift is, plus other non-surgical procedures to tighten fat, remove excess skin, and reduce wrinkles.

We talk about radio frequency assisted lipolysis, SoftWave therapy, Morpheus8, and a whole lot more. Plus, we get into foods that hurt your skin, injectable vs. topical peptides, and biohacking skincare. Basically, it’s everything you need to know for younger, healthier-looking skin. And let’s face it, we all want that.

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00:00:00 — 1: Opening
00:06:07 — 2: Dave’s Experience Working With Dr. Rob
00:09:30 — 3: What Is a “No-Cut” Facelift?
00:21:28 — 4: Shrinking Fat With Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis
00:24:31 — 5: Zoom Lifts & More Non-Surgical Procedures
00:31:14 — 6: What Is SoftWave Therapy?
00:35:44 — 7: Biohacking for Skincare
00:36:56 — 8: Morpheus8: Good or Bad?
00:38:01 — 9: Treatments for Excess Skin
00:39:33 — 10: How Bad Are BBLs?
00:44:05 — 11: Does Your Skin Have a Biological Clock?
00:49:15 — 12: Foods That Hurt Your Skin
00:51:35 — 13: Topical vs. Injectable Peptides
00:53:35 — 14: The Bright Side of Sun Exposure
00:57:01 — 15: What To Do for Your Skin at 25

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