What “HAPPENED” to Ariana Grande’s EYES? – Plastic Surgery Analysis

What “HAPPENED” to Ariana Grande’s EYES? – Plastic Surgery Analysis

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Why does Ariana Grande look so different? I will dive into every plastic surgery and cosmetic procedure that Ariana has had so far, and cover the newest updates to her look.

Starting off with her natural beauty traits that we all know, she has big, round, expressive eyes, a gorgeous smile, and nice balanced facial features. She is of Italian descent and carries some of those features.

Ariana, like most young female celebrities in Hollywood, started some procedures young and people caught on to some more sudden changes which evolved into rumors about surgery. Because she was still in her teens, it was mostly written off as growth and maturation.

Her plastic surgery started as a teen with rhinoplasty, I explain what they did and how they did it in the video. There were some changes to her brow. She then was seen to have some changes made to the shape of her eyes as shown in the examples in the video. We then go on to see changes to her chin, some cosmetic dental work, possible invisalign braces from an invisalign certified orthodontist, and I even changed a previous statement I had made in an older video regarding her teeth. We then see the classic lip fillers, cheek filler, and it looks so good.

Her face changes front the past end there, and I then move to covering what changes happened to her body. We see some changes to her bust.

Now that the past procedures are covered , I want to discuss what has changed since my last video. In September, I got many DMs asking about Ariana Grande’s face. I made a quick YT short that gained a lot of traction, so clearly people were interested in knowing what had happened. At the time, there were no new public images or videos that were unedited. However, 5 days later, we got a new look at her face as she appeared as a judge on The Voice. I instantly knew that My previous suspicion of weight loss was out the window. She had some surgeries. Her face is extremely tight, jawline sharp, cheeks are up, and now there is no asymmetry like before. We go over some before and after photos and it is subtle, but overall points toward surgery. She even had a nose changed from a likely rhinoplasty. Her body changed to be closer to her previous natural size. You will want to stay for the very end where I add up all of the costs to look like Ariana Grande and it is a lot.

About Ariana:

Ariana Grande is a 28 year old singing sensation. She has both young and old fans all across the world. In 2013 Ariana Grande first came to the public’s attention for her appearance on the Nickelodeon show “victorious” as Cat Valentine.

Playing opposite a young Victoria Justice she was the cute sidekick but definitely not the show stealer she is today. Take a look at Ariana Grande’s Plastic Surgery photos from 2013 and 2019 comparison. Her new fame and look has gotten her many brand deals with major companies like MAC cosmetics, lipsy, and Adidas. What do you think about Ariana Grande’s Plastic Surgery?

In late 2019 Ariana was given the honor of being the 4th most beautiful woman in the world by Greek mathematicians who used the golden ratio of phi to determine this. The Golden ratio of phi determines beauty in accordance with classic greek calculations. Do you think Ariana Grande’s plastic Surgery helped her win this place?

Besides her looks, she also has had an amazing music career in which she has won many grammys, mtv music awards. American music awards, and multiple platinum titles. Her classically trained voice is powerful, exact, and dynamic.

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

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