My First Session with Pico Laser Treatment

My First Session with Pico Laser Treatment

I decided to try the Pico Laser machine, they say PICO laser is better and more advance compare to CO2 Fractional laser. This is my first session with Pico Laser, I feel the same heat and pain. After 2 weeks I show you the results.

I am done with 6 sessions with Co2 fractional lasers, not i want to try this PICO lasers.
Hoping a good result with PICO Laser.. Just follow my journey Maam and Ser..

Please follow and watch for more informations. If you have question please leave a comment.

If you want to try the PICO Laser you can inquire Miss Ivy at 0956-788 0241 for Cebu area only.
You may also look and inquire other clinic near you..

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