The Holistic Non-Surgical Way To Look Younger With Dr. Anthony Youn | Mind Pump 2242

The Holistic Non-Surgical Way To Look Younger With Dr. Anthony Youn | Mind Pump 2242

00:00 Intro
01:22 The difference between a holistic and traditional plastic surgeon.
05:14 How there are ‘turf wars’ in ALL of medicine.
06:42 Why did he almost leave medicine?
09:22 An example of when not to do surgery.
10:54 Why it is much harder to say NO to a patient than YES.
13:32 The importance of a health coach.
18:20 The supplements you want to avoid before surgery.
19:45 The do’s and don’ts for women post breast augmentation surgery.
30:16 The truth surrounding breast implant illness.
39:09 Why he is NOT a fan of butt implants.
48:26 How does he reconcile when surgery is NOT right for someone?
The most common surgeries men are getting.
When to get liposuction.
His take on peptides.
What can you do about thinning hair?
What procedures/treatments will he consider as he ages?
The evolution of his social media rise.
Medicine is NOT what it used to be.
His most rewarding patient.
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